Is your development with Laravel and React Native taking too long?

A start-up will live and die by the ability to move quickly, gain precious insights and adapt to the market accordingly.

Matthew Smithies will help to grow your technical team's skillset and strategy which will result in higher quality code, faster release iteration, and most importantly increased frequency of market feedback.

Corporate clients normally wait for weeks or months for product updates. As a start-up, you can deliver changes and add real value in a fraction of the time. I will help you reach that goal.

Tell me more about your current technical challenges. I will reply and offer advice to whether I could be a good fit, I may suggest a colleague who could be a better fit for your requirements. My time is limited but I have the capacity to advise, mentor and provide ongoing support.

Consider these questions:
At what product stage are you, do you have an MVP or beta product?Are you iterating your product frequently?Are you confident in the skillset of your team?Are you able to monitor the performance of your app?Have you recently experienced issues with the product that are unexplainable?
Finally, if we were able to increase your product iteration time by a factor of 2 - 5x what would that be worth to your company?

Thank you!

Great, I will aim to follow up with a reply within 24 hours.

Kind Regards